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Living Dolls

One of my first creations was a necklace I designed at age 11 by stringing together the heads of my childhood dolls. The idea behind this necklace later inspired a five-year long quest for enough doll heads to create a “fur” coat, which I completed during my sophomore year at RISD. The jacket was then featured in You’re Invited: The Exploration and Evolution of Girlhood, Sexuality, and Identity at The Gelman Gallery in Providence, RI.

This led to my Living Dolls collection, a capsule created for my junior year knitwear classes. I received a student project grant from Spoonflower, which ignited my passion for digital fabric printing. I scanned objects like wigs, hair clips, beads, and rhinestones at high resolution and blew them up to create larger than life magnifications to print on fabric. For the machine knit garment, I deconstructed those same wigs and braided them together with the knit fabric I created.

2009, Doll Head Necklace

In collaboration with Leah Marchant (RISD ID ’20), the wooden doll box my father originally built to be the photo booth at my Bat Mitzvah transformed into an installation piece for models to display the collection during Season 16 of Styleweek Northeast. 

I later entered a look from Living Dolls paired with my Doll Head Jacket in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s Undergraduate Design Competition centered around their exhibition Camp: Notes on Fashion. I was selected as a finalist, and ultimately won first place.

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My next video will be about the installation I did to show the project so stay tuned ???? #fashion #fashionstudent #artschool #risd

♬ original sound - Zoe

Also all of the dolls were secondhand from yard sales or thrift stores or they were donated to me by friends and family ???? #fashion #art #risd #themet

♬ original sound - Zoe