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New Exhibition Premiere 12.3.21 - 12.14.21


“Lost & Found is a group exhibition centered around love, loss, grief, and healing. This show commemorates the space we hold in our hearts for the people, places, and things that have come and gone. The goal of this exhibition is to encourage participants and viewers to take a pause to process and appreciate all we’ve lost, and feel gratitude for the people and experiences which have led us to where we are today.”


Dye House
46 Dike Street Providence, RI 02909


The event is free and open to the public.
RSVP required.


12/3: 5:30pm - 8pm
Weekends: 12pm - 8pm
Weekdays: 3pm - 8pm
12/14: 12pm - 3pm

Featured Artists

Zoe Grinfeld

Artist & Curator

Isabella Akhtarshenas
Wallace Dibble
Sarah Dunn
Xiomara España
Wells Goetzmann
Cathy Grinfeld
Anne Irving
Samaaya Jayamaha
Melissa Kennelly
Nellie Konopka
Hannah Latham
Zoë Lerman
Yvonne Liang
Claudia Marin
Anna McNeary
Sam Northcut
Ariana Padovano
Alexis Reid
Grace Sallee
Judd Schiffman
Sam Slipkovich
Nicole Staller
Spocka Summa
Jordan Scott Thomas
Leila Mae Thompson
Iain Wall

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Living Dolls

Living Dolls

One of my first creations was a necklace I designed at age 11 by stringing together the heads of my childhood dolls. The idea behind this necklace later inspired a five-year long quest for enough doll heads to create a “fur” coat, which I completed during my sophomore year at RISD. The jacket was then featured in You’re Invited: The Exploration and Evolution of Girlhood, Sexuality, and Identity at The Gelman Gallery in Providence, RI.

This led to my Living Dolls collection, a capsule created for my junior year knitwear classes. I received a student project grant from Spoonflower, which ignited my passion for digital fabric printing. I scanned objects like wigs, hair clips, beads, and rhinestones at high resolution and blew them up to create larger than life magnifications to print on fabric. For the machine knit garment, I deconstructed those same wigs and braided them together with the knit fabric I created.

2009, Doll Head Necklace

In collaboration with Leah Marchant (RISD ID ’20), the wooden doll box my father originally built to be the photo booth at my Bat Mitzvah transformed into an installation piece for models to display the collection during Season 16 of Styleweek Northeast. 

I later entered a look from Living Dolls paired with my Doll Head Jacket in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s Undergraduate Design Competition centered around their exhibition Camp: Notes on Fashion. I was selected as a finalist, and ultimately won first place.

Read more about the competition at RISD.edu.


My next video will be about the installation I did to show the project so stay tuned ???? #fashion #fashionstudent #artschool #risd

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Also all of the dolls were secondhand from yard sales or thrift stores or they were donated to me by friends and family ???? #fashion #art #risd #themet

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Project Runway: Threads

Project Runway: Threads 

In 2014, I competed on the finale episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway: Threads and won both the “Showstopper” and “Show Us Your Style” challenges, receiving a prize package valued at over $25,000. The show filmed at FIDM in Los Angeles and was sponsored by Joann Fabrics.

Big Skirt

Big Skirt

During my first semester in the Apparel department at RISD, I was given the assignment to make the biggest skirt I possibly could. After stumbling upon a Fisher Price ring toy, I became inspired by the idea of creating volume through stacking. I used hoop steel to create a cage crinoline understructure, and polyfill to create plush rings to stack as well as a chain loop scarf. 

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Stick around if you want to see more of my strange projects lol #fashion #art #risd #fashionstudent #artschool

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SS20: Not All Fun & Games

SS20:  Not All Fun & Games

My SS20 collection titled Not All Fun & Games began with the search for an intersection between fashion and game design. The first piece in the collection was the red and black checker coat I created during my junior tailoring class at RISD. The goal of the coat was to create a wearable garment which could also function as a playable board game. While patch working the wool, I inserted magnets into every square on the back of the jacket, resulting in an interactive checker coat. 

As I worked to grow the collection, I transitioned my focus to dice, cards, play money, and other iconic elements of board game and casino culture. I used materials such as deconstructed fuzzy dice, twister boards, and standard game dice combined with found vintage and deadstock fabric. For the finale dress, I designed a digital print sponsored by Spoonflower featuring an illustration of my face printed on game money.

The collection debuted during Season 17 of Styleweek Northeast in Providence, RI. It has since been featured in an editorial for Feroce Magazine.


???? this was shown last September in Styleweek Northeast ♥️ image credits on my insta #fashion #fashionshow #runway #risd #fashionstudent #art

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod



Spring/Summer 2019

This collection debuted during Season 15 of Styleweek Northeast. Created between my sophomore and junior year at RISD, I chose to use this collection to take an experimental deep dive into color and texture. Being as this was the first full collection I had created during my time in college, I became very interested in the idea of a coming of age narrative. Taking inspiration from adolescence and high school stereotypes, it ultimately ended up with an aesthetic I can only describe as varsity athlete meets clown school. 


Stay tuned for some more projects ❤️ photo credits on my Instagram #fashion #fashionshow #styleweek #risd #runway

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Avocadhoes x Clawddiiaa x Zoe Grinfeld

Avocadhoes x Clawddiiaa x Zoe Grinfeld 

This photo and video shoot was done in collaboration with AMKMQ and AYO Sule (The Avocadhoes) and photographer Claudia Grebner-Marin (Clawddiiaa). Garments pictured are a mixture of Family Portrait, SS20: Not All Fun & Games, Living Dolls, and SS19. 

Video by AMKMQ. Photos by Clawddiiaa.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait 

In my RISD senior thesis collection, Family Portrait, I chose to explore the narrative of a family through my unique lens. Across these six looks, my goal was to accomplish a collection which felt cohesive in its lack of cohesion. I wanted each look to feel as though it was a distinctly different character, yet also related at its core to the other “members” of its fashion family.

The making of the second half of my collection shifted to accommodate the COVID-19 quarantine. As I finished the remaining looks, the context in which I viewed my collection changed entirely. Due to the cancellation of RISD’s annual senior runway show, I had to discover a way to photograph the collection without access to human models. I ultimately used damaged mannequins that were being discarded by a local mall to create a surreal universe for my collection, dressing these blemished figures and placing them within my childhood home. Suddenly, my environment became my work’s environment, and I realized that perhaps my family’s home had been the reality those characters were meant to live in all along.

Look 1 in the collection is meant to portray the mother figure. The dress contains approximately 30 vintage linen tea towels, which I selected based on memory and personal significance. The top was made using a digitally printed mesh fabric with a scan of one of the original tea towels. I used cording to create volume while cutting into as little of the original textile as possible.
Look 2 is meant to portray the father figure. The outerwear piece in this look is constructed entirely out of my dad’s old Hawaiian shirts. The shirt and pants feature enlarged prints of one of the original shirt designs digitally printed onto crushed velvet and organza with a family photo frame belt buckle.
Look 3 represents the grandmother figure. The top is made out of leftover beads from jewelry I used to make and sell at craft fairs growing up. The dress is made out of digitally printed crushed velvet with a scanned print of the same beads used to make the top. The skirt is the bead design printed on organza, and the head scarf is printed satin.
I wanted Look 4 and the two looks following to be able to be interpreted as though they could be different people, or that they could be the same person growing over time. Look 4 is a children’s wear piece meant to be the youngest phase of the character. The dress is made out of old curtains with doll gowns added as a ruffle. The cardigan is hand embellished with doll shoes.

Thank you for 50k!! Look 4 of my RISD Apparel senior thesis collection ???? #art #familyportrait #family #fashion #risd #artschool #fashionstudent

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Look 5 is meant to be the next evolution of Look 4. This children’s wear dress is made entirely out of second hand denim and vintage cotton. This look is a collaboration with Nellie Konopka (RISD PT ’20), who designed and printed the screen prints on the denim pockets, as well as my mother, Cathy Grinfeld, who added all of the puffy paint designs on top.

Collab with @submarine123 ???? Look 5 of my RISD Apparel senior thesis collection ???? #family #fashion #risd #art #artschool #denim #fashion

♬ original sound - Zoe
Look 6 in the collection is meant to be the final evolution of looks 4 and 5. Scrapbook pages were digitally printed on satin and constructed into this 34-piece skirt with steel cage crinoline understructure. I wanted to create a top that felt casual in comparison to the formal skirt, so I made a t-shirt using vintage photo frames I found in my Grandmother’s house. Look 6 was originally designed in the 3D rendering software CLO. The digital prints of the skirt were made using scans of a family scrapbook my mom made when I was growing up that visually inspired the whole collection.

This collection has been featured in Vogue and WWD, as well as exhibited digitally as part of the 2020 RISD Senior Show and Serving the People’s BFA Show. Looks 1, 2, and 5 are on display at the Woods-Gerry Gallery in Providence, RI as part of the RISD Apparel Triennial until December 13, 2020.




Millie x Zoe Grinfeld Quarantine Capsule

Millie Vanilli x Zoe GrinfeldQuarantine Capsule

Millie placed Best in Show wearing this collection in the Bored AF Virtual Pet Fashion Show held by LGBTQ+ youth nonprofit Love Your Labels.

This project was also featured during Serving the People’s Fashion Week.

Look 1: tennis balls, tennis charms, and deadstock upholstery fabric

Look 2: plastic dog figurines and deadstock knit fabric

Look 3: chew toys and an old dog bed

IFF x RISD Scent Collaboration

IFF x RISD Perfume Set
IFF x RISD Perfume Set

IFF x RISD Scent Collaboration

I was one of 12 students selected from my graduating class to collaborate with International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (IFF) on a scent inspired by my senior thesis collection, Family Portrait.

When asked what my perfume should smell like, I wrote a list of 50 scents that reminded me of home. I envisioned a scent that smelled familiar but that you couldn’t quite describe.

Perfumer Natasha Côté took my inspiration and made the scent come alive with ingredients like smoky tuberose, which created subtle dusty effects.

I chose to name the fragrance L’dor V’dor, which in Hebrew translates to “from generation to generation.” This title felt like a fitting way to celebrate and tie in my Jewish heritage with my practice.

IFF x RISD Perfume Boxed Set